How Bail Works

1. A person is arrested or finds out they have a warrant (defendant).
2. A friend, family member or co-worker calls Fulmer Bail Bonds to get them released.
3. Charges and bail amounts are verified and bond premiums and collateral are negotiated.
4. Bail bond contracts and applications are filled out and signed by the person who will be responsible for the defendant making all court dates (indemnitor).
5. Bail bond premiums are paid to the bondsman.
6. A Fulmer Bail Bonds Agent goes to the jail and posts the defendants bond/bonds with the detention facility.
7. Defendant is released from jail.
8. Defendant must appear at all court dates and comply with all bond conditions until the case is dismissed or bond is released by the judge/courts. Written documentation of the bond release must be obtained from the court clerk.
9. Collateral, if any was given, will be returned to the indemnitor after bond release has been presented to Fulmer Bail Bonds.